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Slime Shop

Unveiling the Magical World of Slime at Slimespiracy

Slime – a word that immediately evokes childhood memories, creativity, and a sense of wonder. At Slimespiracy, an Australia-owned slime shop, we dive headfirst into this enchanting world, offering a kaleidoscope of slimy wonders that cater to the imaginations of kids and adults alike. From the mystical to the whimsical, our collections house an array of mesmerizing slimes that bring joy and fascination.

Explore Our Collections

All Collections Unleashed

To truly grasp the vastness of our slime universe, venture into Slimespiracy's All Collections. Here, every collection is a portal to a unique slime experience, waiting to be explored.

Slime Galore

The heart of our slime emporium beats in the Slime Collection. Dive into a world where colors dance, textures play, and creativity knows no bounds. Each slime in this collection is a masterpiece, a testament to the boundless possibilities within a jar.

Festive Delights in Christmas Collections

Tis' the season to be slimy! Our Christmas Collection is a winter wonderland of slimes that capture the spirit of the holidays. From glittering snowflakes to festive fragrances, these slimes make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers.

Gifts and Accessories Extravaganza

Enhance your slime experience with our curated Gifts & Accessories Collection. From slime containers to playful accessories, we've got everything you need to elevate your slime game.

DIY Adventures in Slime Supplies

For the aspiring slime alchemist, our Slime Supplies Collection is a treasure trove of ingredients and tools. Unleash your creativity and concoct your own magical slime creations with our high-quality supplies.

Gift the Magic with Slimespiracy Gift Cards

Can't decide which slime to choose? Delight your loved ones with the gift of choice through our Gift Card. Let them explore the magical world of Slimespiracy at their own pace.

Unmissable Deals in the Sale Collection

Indulge in the joy of saving while exploring our Sale Collection. From limited-time offers to exclusive discounts, this collection is a haven for savvy slime enthusiasts.

The Stars of Slimespiracy

Dive deeper into our world by discovering some of our star products:

  • Ancient Cacti Grove: Immerse yourself in the mystical aura of this captivating slime. The Ancient Cacti Grove is a journey into the heart of a desert oasis, with its mesmerizing blend of colors and textures.

    Green Clear Slime with Cactus Handmade in Australia

  • Crystal Snail Trail: Let the iridescence of our Crystal Snail Trail slime lead you on a sparkling adventure. This slime is a celebration of luminescence and fantasy.

    Clear Slime with Crystals Iridescent Sand and Glitter with Snail Charm Handmade in Australia

  • Elemental Spirits: Unleash the elemental magic with our Elemental Spirits slime. Each jar contains the essence of earth, air, fire, and water, creating a sensory experience like no other.

    Pink Clear Slime wtih Lights and Crunch Bomb Beads Handmade in Australia

  • Fountain of Youth: Experience the rejuvenating magic of our Fountain of Youth slime, a timeless delight for those seeking everlasting fun.

    Blue Clear Slime with Fish and Fountain Handmade in Australia

  • Ice Angel: Revel in the ethereal beauty of our Ice Angel slime, a shimmering creation that embodies the pure essence of winter wonder.

    Clear Snow Fizz Slime with Snow and Snow Flake Handmade in Australia

  • Jack Frost: Embrace the frosty charm with our Jack Frost slime, a chilly delight that captures the magic of the season.

    Blue Icee Slime with Snowflakes Stars and Snow Handmade in Australia

  • Lavender Moon: Drift into the soothing embrace of our Lavender Moon slime, a tranquil creation that transports you to a realm of serenity.

    Purple Butter Slime with Lavender and Bees Handmade in Australia

  • Manic Pixie Blue: Unleash your whimsical side with the playful hues of Manic Pixie Blue, a slime that embodies the spirit of spontaneity.

    Clear Floam Slime with Glitter mix Clear Topper and Blue Fairy Charm Handmade in Australia

  • Manic Pixie Pink: Dive into a world of vibrant pink with Manic Pixie Pink, a slime that radiates energy and joy.

    Clear Floam Slime with Glitter mix Clear Topper and Pink Fairy Charm Handmade in Australia

  • Mint Chip Forest: Explore the delightful fusion of minty freshness and chocolatey richness with Mint Chip Forest.

    Green Cloud Slime with Leaf and Lady bug Charms Handmade in Australia

  • Snow Candy: Indulge in the sweet magic of winter with Snow Candy, a delightful slime that captures the essence of snowfall.

    White Crunchy Slime with Foam Balls and Lollipop Charm Handmade in Australia

  • Sugar Plum Fairy: Dance into the enchanting world of the holidays with Sugar Plum Fairy, a slime that embodies the festive spirit.

    Pink Icee Slime with Sparkles Glitter and Hear Charm Handmade in Australia

  • The Enchanted Christmas Tree: Experience the magic of the season with The Enchanted Christmas Tree, a slime that captures the essence of holiday cheer.

    Green Clear Slime with Christmas Beads and Candy Cane Fimos Handmade in Australia

  • The Garden of Eden: Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of The Garden of Eden, a slime that transports you to a paradise of colors and scents.

    Green Bingsu Slime with Flowers Apples and a Tree Handmade in Australia

  • The North Star: Navigate the celestial wonders with The North Star, a slime that captures the brilliance of the night sky.

    Gold Clear Slime with Glitter Sprinkle and Crystal Star Handmade in Australia

  • Woodland Fairy Curse: Embark on a mystical journey with Woodland Fairy Curse, a slime that weaves a tale of enchantment and mystery.

    Clear Slime Crunch Bomb with Iridescent Leafs Handmade in Australia

    This is just a glimpse into the magical world of Slimespiracy. Stay tuned for the next installment where we unravel the secrets of slime care, share insider slime tips, and answer your frequently asked questions.

    In the meantime, dive into our collections and let the slime magic unfold. If you have any questions or simply want to share your slime adventures, feel free to reach out to us through Slimespiracy's Contact Us page. Slime awaits – embrace the enchantment!

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