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Elemental Spirits

Elemental Spirits

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Texture: Coated Clear, Semi Crunch Bomb

Scent: Unscented

Included: Colour Changing Flashing Light That Adheres to Bottom of Slime Jar (Has on/off switch)

Level: Advanced

All orders come with:
* Slime care cards
* Borax to make activator
* Extras such as sweets, stickers etc
* Free sample slime over $50

A slime infused with iridescent glitter and half filled with pastel beads. You have the option to separate the top layer of clear slime leaving you with an enjoyable crunch bomb, that is smooth on the hands and a unique texture. You can also play with it as is to create amazing bubble pops and inflation. It comes with a colour changing light that has three flashing modes and can be stuck to the bottom of the slime container to create that magical elemental glow.

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