Slime Care

Slime Too Sticky? (Making Activator with Borax!)

Slime is not entirely shelf-stable and will naturally melt over time. However, several factors can expedite this process, such as exposure to heat, sunlight, bacteria and contaminants from unwashed hands and playing surfaces, body heat and even how dry your skin is. The addition of excessive ingredients such as lotions and glycerin during attempts to modify the slime can also change the texture.

As the slime melts, it tends to become sticky. First, leave your slime in its tub and gently push your fingers into it to feel how sticky it is. In such cases, you can add an activator solution made from borax. We include a packet of borax powder with every order.

To prepare the activator solution, mix the provided packet of borax powder into 1 cup of boiling water until completely dissolved (Get an adult to help you if you are a young person). Wait for the solution to cool down before adding it to your slime. Apply small amounts at a time to your hands or directly into the slime until you reach your desired texture.

For optimal slime maintenance, we suggest keeping an activator solution readily available whenever you engage in slime play, such as storing it in a small bottle. You can also purchase already made activator in a handy mist spray bottle from our website.

Slime Too Firm?

If your slime has arrived too firm with little or no stretch and is tearing or breaking apart when you pull it, many factors can come into play as to why this is.

The firmness could be a result of low temperatures during transportation or cold weather. Or it could simply be that you have over activated your slime by adding too much activator (borax) solution.

First allow the slime to reach room temperature before initiating play or attempting to fix. If the slime remains firm at room temperature, there are a few things you can do. First you can try leaving your slime in a warm spot or sunny window for a few days. You can also add a small amount of glycerin, a dab of hand soap or a pump of lotion into your slime. You can even try adding a few drops of warm water or white vinegar. Make sure to add very small amounts at a time to assure you are not adding too much.

WARNING: Do not add lotion to clear slimes otherwise it will become foggy and never be clear again. Keep in mind adding scented and colored ingredients can change the integrity of the slime and its scent and texture.

In the absence of other remedies, keep in mind that slime naturally softens over time, so you can expect it to naturally regain its softer consistency if you are patient.

Wash Your Hands!

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap including under your nails before and after playing with slime. This also includes making sure your play area and surfaces are clean. This will help maintain the quality and longevity of your slime and will prevent mould and bacteria forming on your slime and play surfaces.

Additionally, if your hands feel dry, applying a small amount of lotion before playing with slime can be beneficial and prevent the slime sticking to you! (Do not apply lotion if playing with clear based slime as it will go foggy).

Secure the lid firmly

To prevent your slime drying out, make sure to always remember to keep your slime in it's container with the lid screwed on tight.

Limiting slime play to 10-20 minutes at a time can also help slow down the drying out process. Prolonged playing over long periods of time can kill a slime quickly especially if it contains air dry clay.

Keep slime at room temperature (or colder!)

Keep slime away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures as these factors can impact its consistency. It's advisable to also store slime in a cool, dry place. Additionally, storing slime away from dust and debris helps to maintain its cleanliness and avoid leaving it on porous surfaces that may absorb moisture.

Following these storage guidelines will contribute to the prolonged enjoyment of your slime.

I can't get my slime back in its container!

During play, slimes commonly undergo inflation, a natural and anticipated occurrence. This phenomenon arises as air bubbles become entrapped while the slime is stretched. While certain textures may exhibit more inflation than others, it is expected to some extent in all slimes. Clear and colour changing pigment slimes will also turn white or grey when inflated. This is completely normal.

Over time, slimes will naturally deflate, reverting back to their original form and colour. This can take up to a week or so for clear based slimes and as little as overnight or a few days for other slimes. While waiting for slime to deflate consider transferring any excess product into a different container.

Extra containers are available for purchase, providing an ideal option, but a thoroughly cleaned tupperware container or even a ziplock baggie can serve as suitable alternatives.

Keep Away from Fabric, Carpets and Pets!

Slime can sometimes leave a residue, so it's best to play with it on surfaces that are easy to clean and that it doesn't stick to.

Slime can and will stick to hair, clothing, carpets, pets and other fabrics. Inexperienced slimers should stick to playing on tabletop surfaces until they are better versed with slime play. It is also suggested to have borax solution on hand just in case the slime is a little sticky or hard to handle.

Rotate Slime Inventory

If you are super lucky to have a collection of slimes, rotate their use to prevent any one slime
from sitting unused for too long. This will also help them last longer and prevent them from dying too quickly from excessively playing with the one slime. This helps maintain freshness and playability.

Regularly Check Container Seals

Ensure that the lids or seals on your slime containers are tightly
secured to prevent air exposure, which can lead to drying and changes in

Borax Care

Over time, its normal for the Borax solution or Activator used in Slime making to develop tiny floaties or crystals. This natural occurrence is not typical of a problem and wont ruin the slime. Borax, being a mineral, can crystalize when its not in constant use.

If you notice these floaties or crystals in your Activator, simply stir or shake it to redissolve them. You may need to add a little warm water. The Slime itself is not affected by this process and its quality remains will remain the same.

To maintain optimal slime making conditions store the Borax solution in a cool, dry place and remix it before each use to ensure a smooth and effective activation of your slime ingredients. If crystals wont dissolve, simply make a new batch of Borax solution.

Extra Care Instructions

Additional Care Guidelines

Please note that clear slimes can discolour or go foggy over time due to the natural occuring oils in your hands and exposure to dust and dirt.

Excessive addition of any ingredient to a slime, particularly if it contains crunchy add-ins, may lead to issues. Kindly refrain from deviating from the care instructions provided here for a Slimespiracy slime, as doing so may hinder our ability to assist you.

If you have attempted all the recommended steps on this page and are encountering persistent issues, please reach out to us at