About Me

Hi, friends! I'm Zoe, the creator and artistic mind behind Slimespiracy. I am just your average 38-year-old, living my best crazy cat lady life here in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I love all things arts and crafts, music (I am also a singer/songwriter), nature, and magic.

I have always had a fascination with slime, remembering back to the 90s when I used to play with Gak. Gee, that was quite a while ago 😅 Flash forward to about a year ago when I rediscovered slime. I came across slime ASMR videos on Instagram, and I was hooked. Apparently, slime was more popular than ever, and I had totally been sleeping under a rock. It brought back such nostalgia and curiosity and had evolved so much over the years that I just had to start experimenting myself. Realizing how much I enjoyed making slime, I decided I wanted to eventually run my very own slime business.

The inspiration behind the name and theme came from my utter passion for anything to do with esoteric and ancient civilizations, myth and legend, fairy tale, and conspiracy. I love stories, losing myself in daydreams and wondering what if? I am now on a mission to become Australia's first slime shop offering never-seen-before textures and themes right here in my home country, Australia. I have big aspirations and huge visions for what's to come. I invite you to sit back, hold tight, and come along on this awesome adventure with me.

Slime - Zoe Slimespiracy