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Snow Candy

Snow Candy

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Texture: Crunchy Coated Clear

Scent: Unscented

Included: Extra foam balls, bingsu & random lollipop charm

Level: Advanced

All orders come with:
* Slime care cards
* Borax to make activator
* Extras such as sweets, stickers etc
* Free sample slime over $50

Description: If you're looking for a super crunchy and inflating slime then this is it! Sizzly, Satisfying and makes the best bubble pops. Topped with foam balls, glitter hama beads, bingsu and packed with iridescent glitter.

This slime has been discounted due to fallout. It is more noticeable when inflating.

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Customer Reviews

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Thick and crunchy

I love all these slimes but this one is a sensory delight despite being unscented. It has such a delightful smooth and thick texture to the base, and inflates so well it looks an actual snowball with candy in it. So poppy and crunchy!